Best BBQ Around Town

I have been on a mission to find the best BBQ in or close to Raleigh and I have narrowed it down to 2 places. Big Al's BBQ has been #1 on my list of favorites for quite some time. They have a large selection of sauces and vinegar to choose from. This is something I have noticed many other BBQ places do not have. For this reason, Big Al's BBQ has stayed at the top of my list for some time. Until I tried Lawrence BBQ at Boxyard RTP.

Lawrence BBQ is now one of my favorite BBQ places I have tried so far. They don't have a large selection of sauces and vinegar like Big Al's, but you don't really need it. I always try the BBQ without any sauce or vinegar first as well, and it was amazing! My fiance and I split the smoked brisket and pulled pork to try each. The brisket here was the best brisket I have tried so far. That goes for the pulled pork as well!

The sauce and vinegar at Lawrence BBQ were pretty good but not as good as Big Al's. You also only get to choose from 3-4 different sauces. At Big Al's, you might have 20-30 different sauces and kinds of vinegar to choose from. Lawrence BBQ is a little bit more expensive though since you buy every item separately and by the pound. Big Al's sells platters and different meal combos, making it more affordable.

It is still hard to say which one is the best though. So I recommend you go try it out for yourself!

Lawrence BBQ:


900 Park Offices Dr. Suite 120, Durham, NC 27703

Hours: Wednesday 11AM8PM

Thursday 11AM–8PM

Friday 11AM–8PM

Saturday 11AM–8PM

Sunday Closed

Monday Closed

Tuesday 11AM–8PM


(919) 593-6923

Big Al's BBQ:


2920 Forestville Rd, Raleigh, NC 27616

Hours: Wednesday 11AM–7PM

Thursday 11AM–7PM

Friday 11AM–8PM

Saturday 11AM–8PM

Sunday 11AM–7PM

Monday Closed

Tuesday Closed


(919) 217-0653

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