Southern Food

Southern food is personally my favorite type of food. When in NC, why wouldn't you try some of our famous BBQ? While there are a lot of places that claim being the best, here are the best in my opinion.

Big Al's has some of the best BBQ around. I have been eating his food for a long time now since he was my neighbor growing up! My favorite thing at Big Al's is the massive selection of homemade sauces and vinegar. He does change them up every few weeks so you're always trying something new. 

Pulled pork platter with hushpuppies from the best BBQ in Raleigh, NC. Big Al''s BBQ.
Image by Jon Tyson

Lawrence BBQ is a local shop near RTP. They're located it the Boxyard RTP Plaza. This plaza is made entirely out of shipping containers! There are a few bars, restaurants, and bakeries here. But the food here is the best. This is personally one of my favorite BBQ places in Raleigh. Don't forget to try the smoked brisket as well!